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The  International Scientific and Practical Conferences on Programming UkrPROG (in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016) were held in Kiev, Ukraine, at Cybernetics Centre of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU). The conferences are  organized by Institite of software systems of NASU in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Cybernetic Centre of NASU, National University of Technology of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” and Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University. Basic organizations for conference promotion are Institute of Software Systems of NASU and Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NASU.

The main purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for discussion of the most important achievement in both science and practice of programming, software engineering and applications and to extend interaction of academia and practitioners in this area of a science and technology. The main audience and participants at the UkrPROG are expected researchers from academic departments and laboratories and industrial organisations of Ukraine and other countries of the nearest European region.

The program of a conference is expected to include:

  • invited talks and reports of the leading scientists and representatives of software industry
  • section (oral or poster) papers on topics of the conference,
  • tutorials on advanced techniques in programming and software engineering,
  • panel discussion on modern directions of R & D of software systems
  • exhibition of manufacturers and researchers of the software of Ukraine.

Official languages at the conference are Ukrainian, Russian and English. Proceedings of the conference will be published in Ukraine and will be available at the conference.


Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • theoretical and methodological foundations of programming
  • facilities and technologies of parallel programming and Grid-computing
  • programming computer networks and INTERNET
  • instrumental programming tools and environments
  • programming methods and facilities for reusability and reengineering
  • requirements analysis and software specification
  • models and processes of software life cycle
  • formal methods of software development
  • software standards and certification
  • testing, reliability and quality of programs
  • models and facilities of data and knowledge bases
  • expert and intelligent information systems
  • software systems for information security
  • applied programming facilities and software
  • man-machine effective interaction
  • legal, educational and social aspects of programming
  • and others.

General Chair of the conference: academician I.V. Sergienko (Ukraine), General director of Cybernetic Centre of NASU.


Sergienko I.V. (Ukraine) – chair of Coordination Committee

Andon P.I. (Ukraine), Zakusylo O.K. (Ukraine), Zgurovsky M.Z. (Ukraine), Krivonos U.G. (Ukraine), Naumovets A.G. (Ukraine).


Andon P.I. (Ukraine) – chair of Programme Committee

Doroshenko A.E. (Ukraine) co-chair

Yalovets A.L. (Ukraine) co-chair

Anisimov A.V. (Ukraine)

Glibovets N.N. (Ukraine)

Gorlatch S.P. (Germany)

Gudak S. (Slovakia)

Ivannikov V.P. (Russia)

Ilchenko M.Yu. (Ukraine)

Zadorozny V.Y. (USA)

Kalinichenko L.A. (Russia)

Lavrishcheva K.V. (Ukraine)

Letichevsky O.A. (Ukraine)

Mayr H. (Austria)

Nikitchenko N.S. (Ukraine)

Pavlov O.A. ( Ukraine)

Pankratova N.D. (Ukraine)

Parasiuk I.M. (Ukraine)

Provotar O.I. (Ukraine)

Redko V.N. (Ukraine)

Sergienko I.V. (Ukraine)

Sidorov N.A. (Ukraine)

Tarasenko V.P. (Ukraine)

Telenik S.F. (Ukraine)

Tyugu E.H.(Estonia)

Tseitlin G.O. (Ukraine)

Chaya L. (Poland)


Moroz G.B. (chair), Gorodnichenko V.S. (co-chair), Sidorenko V.I., Kulias A.I., Emchenko I.A., Paliy P.M., Salata M.V., Dishkant G.M., Sokolova T.E.


There will be invited and regular papers at the conference. The latter can be of oral or poster presentation. Posters are provided with a poster place of A0 format. In all cases proceedings will include full text of accepted papers in one of official languages. All speakers will have a possibility also to show their software products and demonstration on computer. Authors are invited to inform on their requirements and other participation information with reply card (see below).


Submissions should be made both by mail and electronically at conference addresses (see below) in English, Ukrainian or Russian in MS Word format. Authors are invited to submit before 15.01.2012, 1 copies of a paper by mail and a electronic version of the paper by e-mail in the format, that described below.

Authors from Ukraine should provide regular permission for publication.

Technical requirements are proposed below.

All materials (oral or poster papers) will be published. Oral presentations are provided with optical lantern for electronic presentations. Poster reports are provided with panel 1×2 m.

Authors will be informed on acception/rejection before Feb. 10, 2012. Authors of accepted papers may be requested to submit improvements of their papers after reviewing by members of the Program Committee.


The registration fee is of 550 UAH and includes a copy of the Conference Proceedings, coffee breaks and organisational expenses. University students and Ph.D. students should pay registration fee of 250 UAH.


Institute of Software Systems of NASU, Glushkov prosp. 40

code 05540149

GUDKU bank in Kiev

MFO 820019

р/р 31258272210220.

Note: The registration fee of the Conference UkrProg and name of the participant.

Requirements to UkrProg paper execution

  1. Report is supplied in electronic form (e-mail or disk) and hardcopy (1 example) on white paper.

2.Text of submitted paper is no more than 25000 symbols (approximately 10 pages).

Electronic version should be prepared in *.doc format of MS Word.

Page parameters: paper size A4 (210*297), mirror margins – inside 3 cm, outside 1 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm, header and footer – 1,27 cm. Font Times New Roman Cyr. Line spacing – single.

  1. Both reports provide NO page numbering.
  1. It is necessary to specify: telephone number and e-mail for working with editor in preparing the article for publication.

The sequence of presentation of the papers to UkrProg

UDK – font size 12, alignment left, first line – 1,25 cm.

Header1 (title of article) – font size 14, font stile Bold, UPPERCASE, alignment Centered, first line 0 cm, spacing: before – 40, after – 10.

Author – initials and names of authors, font size 12, font stile Italic, alignment Centered, first line 0 cm, spacing: before – 12, after – 6.

Address (full name of organization, index, address, fax, telephone, e-mail) – font size 10, font stile Regular, alignment Centered, first line 0 cm.

Annotation (English) – font size 8, font stile Regular, alignment Centered, first line 1 cm, spacing: before – 6, after – 0.

Header2 – font size 12, font stile Bold, alignment Left, first line 0 cm, spacing: before – 40, after – 10. Other headers – font size 10, as a first sentence of paragraph.

Normal (main text of report) – font size 10, font stile Regular, alignment Justified, first line 1 cm.

Equation – font size 10 (by Microsoft Equation Editor 2.0 і 3.0); tabs: central – 8,5 cm, right – 17 cm, alignment Left, first line 0 cm, spacing: before – 6, after – 6.

Literature (biblograpgy) – font size 8, font stile Regular, numbered list, alignment Justified, hanging 0,65 cm.

Graphical materials (pictures, diagrams) is included as a independent object to the Word document; alignment Centered, spacing: before – 8, after – 8. Text for picture is centered, font size 10, spacing after – 8. Not more then 256 colors.

File size not more then 1 Mb.