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About us

Institute of Software Systems of National Acedemy of Sciences of Ukraine (ISS) is known in Ukraine and abroad as a scientific institution which subject is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in the field of programming and information technology,  to create competitive software in complex distributed computer systems based on networks, databases and knowledge bases. It  organizes the implementation of scientific achievements in state, social and defense spheres of Ukraine through the creation of “turnkey” complex computer systems and develops the varios aspects of  national software industry and the the information environment of Ukraine.

The main research areas

victor_glushkov_envelope-croppedISS history began in 1980 with the creation of Special engineering and design bureau of software of Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Acedemy of Sciences of Ukraine which was caused by the need to centralizetion on creating computer software and systems based on new technologies of production programs, issues of unification and standardization of software tools; their dissemination, implementation and maintenance of industrial scale .


In 1992 Institute of Software Systems of National Acedemy of Sciences of Ukraine was created. Later  it becomes a member of the Cybernetic Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Andon Philip Illarionovich, Doctor of Phusical ans Mathematical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, NAS of Ukraine, academician of  National Acedemy of Sciences of Ukraine is at the head of the ISS from the moment of it`s creation.

The main research areas of the ISS are:

  • theoretical and applied problems of software systems and technologies; models and tools of software engineering; problem of quality assurance, standardization and certification of software systems;
  • formal-logical grounds, methods and tools of creation of  intelligent information systems, data and knowledge banks ;
  • Mathematical models, methods and tools for createon of complex distributed computer systems.

In the first years of the ISS existence a lot of software systems were created on base of new scientific approaches such as:

  • Instrumental software environment PALM that supports the creation of large relational databases and applications;
  • data management software for large volumes and complex structures in automated information systems, data processing and management PROK 1,
  • CASE-system with multiple access mode APROP-2;
  • modeling complex ALSYM for simulation of complex technical systems

Further significant efforts of the Institute were focused on solving the most important and urgent problems of software engineering.  Large  complex of theoretical and applied work related to improvement component, generating, agent-oriented and parallel programming was carried out. In particular, such results were achieved:

  • theoretical apparatus of component programming with external and internal component algebra was developed;
  • object-component method which combined the best features as object and component approaches was created;
  • formal models of programs, interfaces and environments, methodology of software systems development with typical shelf reuse components were created ;
  • the formal apparatus and semantic technological, instrumental and language tools of agent-oriented programming were developed;
  • high-performance parallel computing techniques for applied software systems with further development of the algebra of algorithmics as a theoretical basis for design automation of parallel algorithms and programs were proposed;
  • the methods and online instrumental system for software design and synthesis for parallel and distributed environments (multi-core, cluster and grid);
  • A new model of knowledge representation (logical-semantic computing network ) with a set of knowledge processing method (direct inference, methods of static verification and testing, etc.) was created.

On the basis of these methods and models software and instrumental environment for clear and unclear knowledge processing was developed.

Significant successes obtained in solving the most complex and pressing issues of building intelligent systems include:

  • development of models, methods and tools for the creation of intelligent information systems for Semantic Web environment on base of agent approach;
  • developing of methods and models for supporting automated expert-analytical methodology for decision making in multi-agent computer systems;
  • creation of models and methods for deep data analysis.

Today ISS is one of  the Ukrainian leaders in the field of research, development and application of advanced software technologies, new methods and tools, creating high-quality, competitive complex computer data and knowledge processing systems, of standardization in the field of software engineering. It has a well-trained and qualified scientific staff .

Institute developed and successfully introduced into commercial, social and defense sector more than 80 large-scale projects to create new information technology and computer systems “turnkey” by order of government Defense Ministry of Ukraine, the State Border Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Transport and communication of Ukraine, the State Space agency of Ukraine, Ukraine Weather and more. Including:

  • Global Automated Information System Border Troops of Ukraine (AIS “Hart”), which provides the establishment, regular handling, consolidation and routing electronic documents containing povnotekstovu and factual information in databases;
  •  integrated interagency information-telecommunication system for the control of persons, vehicles and cargo crossing the state border of Ukraine (the system “Arkan”). This system ensured the formation of a unified virtual space interagency informatsiyinoho on migration control for DPS Ukraine, Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukraine DCC and Tax Administration of Ukraine;
  •  specialized modeling software “astronauts” for investigation and assessment of blood circulation of astronauts at all stages of modern space flight;
  •  information systems automate daily activities and departments of Ukraine Defense General Staff of the Armed Forces;
  •  set of software tools for expert decision-making “Ekshrunt” in complex, weakly-formalized spheres (social, political, economic, scientific, technical, etc. etc.).
  •  hardware and software “protection” to protect local workstation and network from unauthorized access with user identification electronic microprocessor cards;
  •  instrumental and technological software suite of content-analytical studies full-text databases;
  •  software tools and technological tools to support the design and implementation of distributed application systems object-oriented type of general purpose;
  •  computer system for the formation and maintenance of aeronautical documents, data and maps;
  •  parallel computing system for the rapid and high-precision analysis and forecasting of regional natural and anthropogenic processes in the atmosphere;
  •  GIS technology studies environmental influences on the health of the population.

The Institute is the base organization of the implementation of the program of information NAS of Ukraine. In particular, under this program:

  • created AIS overall telecommunications infrastructure nationwide as corporate Academic network data exchange (AMOD). Today AMOD includes 7 regional networks in scientific centers of Ukraine, which is connected to 158 institutions of NASU, has access to the European research network GEANT and direct access to the Polish academic network PIONER and the Ukrainian Research and Academic Network URAN. It acquired the status of an autonomous system of registration in the European Internet registry and are the basis for grid infrastructure NAS of Ukraine;
  •  developed standard integrated programming software “AIS – organization” to support the functions of personnel, planning and financial, scientific, organizational, economic support of the institutions;
  •  created and implemented a register of information resources NAS of Ukraine and relevant corporate information search system;
  •  developed a common software and hardware tools, technologies and methodological support construction of scientific electronic library (NEB) NAS and pilot projects NEB centralized NAS and periodicals distributed NEB, which integrates 12 institutions NEB NAS and MES totaling 23 thousand. documents.

The Institute is: a member of international scientific associations Association of Computing Machinery (USA) and the IEEE Computer Society (USA); active member of the International Organization for Standardization ISO Subcommittee under “Engineering software” Technical Committee for Standardization ISO / IEC – JTC / SC7 Software Engineering; member of the Association of European national associations of operations research; co-founder of the Association of users of CDS / ISIS (together with DPNT Library of Russia); member of the Ukrainian branch of the Association of Computing Technology (ACM); co-founder of the scientific journal “Problems of programming” and the international scientific conference on programming UkrPROG.

In 1993 the IRS operates postgraduate studies. During this time it trained 135 graduate students (including 105 – with a margin of production). As a result of studies in the department 10 Ph.D. theses. In addition, about 10 theses in a state of preparation for the defense. In 2015 certified 5 graduate students currently enrolled in graduate IRS.